2013-14 National Treasures Nick Petrecki Rookie Rc Auto Sharks Head Patch /99

   2013-14 NATIONAL TREASURES #193 NICK PETRECKI ROOKIE CARD, AUTOGRAPHED, SHARKS HEAD PATCH, 50/99. As of 12/28/2016, he changed the user ID of Ez97connor-3, to duma_swaitek2x. As of 01/04/17, he changed tdmachineinc to hooray_duma_swaitek2x. This Vietnamese clown is obviously up to no good. Fake contact name was Larry P. Seriously ask yourself, what kind of Ebayer needs 5 accounts? He was also kicked off of Hobby Insider, " perma banned" , under the user ID: Tdmak. Anyone sensing a pattern here?? He uses various aliases, Caucasian names of hockey players, (Doan & Connor) as well...

Metallica Performs National Anthem At The Stanley Cup Final

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